Quantitative Genetics
Lecture Schedule 2003

QG Lectures start on 13 May 2003

Lectures                                     Tuesday 12.00 pm
MC2                                            Wednesday  12.00 pm
                                                  Friday   12.00 am

Tutorials (compulsory):    Tuesday  2.10 pm
Pre-Lab demonstration in WLT at 2.10.
AS 33 Computer Lab. (Animal Science)

LectNo.     Date     Lecturer             Topic

May.   13        1 Introduction to the role of quantitative genetics in animal breeding. slides
            14        2 Single locus model of merit. The concept of breeding value.               slides
            16       3 Variation, heritability, predicting breeding value.                               slides
            20        4 Single-trait selection, predicting response,  generation interval        slides
            21       5 G x E interaction, Repeatability, Data correction,                               slides 5+6
            23        6 Genetic correlation and indirect selection                                           slides 5+6

           27        7 Genetic relationships and resemblance                                                 slides 7+8
           28        8 The estimation of repeatability and heritability                                    slides 7+8
           30       9 Use of information from relatives: sibs and progeny.                            slides 9
 June    3      10 Genetic change of multiple traits.                                                            slides 10
            4     11 Introduction to BLUP.                                                                                 slides11
            6      12 Inbreeding. Pedigree analysis and small population sizes.                       slides 12
           10     13 Results from selection programs, realized vs. predicted responses        slides 13
           11     14 Crossbreeding, genetic basis of heterosis.                                                slides 14-15
           13      15 Crossing systems, industry applications.
           17     16 Breeding systems: open and closed nucleus systems                               slides16
           18      17 Breeding objectives in each animal industry.                                           slides17
           20     18 Gene mapping, Genetic Markers and Marker Assisted Selection

Lecturer:   Julius van der Werf, Karen Marshall

        Here are some lectures-slides on pdf (as used during residential school)
            They can be viewed with acrobat/adobe reader (download acrobat)


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