GENE 422/522

Genetic Evaluation and Breeding program design
Practicals Schedule  


 1   Introduction to Portfolio     

        Exercises Matrix and Linear Models                                           
        download the spreadsheet with results

    matrix slides

 2   Selection Index                                                                             
            Use STSELIND for this prac

 3   Mixed Models & BLUP                                                            
            Use STBLUP for this  prac

4    Genetic Parameters                                                                     

5  Breeding Objectives                                                                    

6   Multiple Trait Selection                                                                  
       Use MTINDEX.XLS for this prac (click on name to download)
        and MTINDEX_DESGAINS.XLS for desired gains (click on  name to download)

            week of 3 Sept to be used to work on case study

      Mapping Exercises                                                                    

7   QTL detection and MAS examples                                           


10   Design of Breeding Programs                                                      

11    Desired Gains /TGRM                                                            


12  Finalizing Case Studies                                                             


11    Presentations of Case Studies                                                    


    Course and Practical manual 2007

    Handbook Practicals 2007

    Lecture Notes GENE422/522

    GENUP Software                      download from
    MSOffice (we use Excel)
     Unit   CD