Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2008

Whole Genome Association and Selection Methods

Venue:    University of New England, Armidale, NSW Australia
Dates:     Date: 28 January - 1 February 2008
Course Audience:
Postgraduate students and other professionals



                    Dr. Ben Hayes                            

                        Animal Genetics and Genomics
                        Department of Primary Industries Research Victoria - Attwood (Melbourne)



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Linkage Disequilibrium In Livestock Populations           

Mapping QTL Using Linkage Disequilibrium                  

Marker Assisted Selection With Markers In Linkage Disequilibrium With QTL

Genomic Selection

Genomic Selection II

Spreadsheet to show Bayesian WGS








 Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2007      Materials

 Generalized Linear Mixed Models:  Steve Kachman


Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2006    Materials

Gene Expression:    Toni Reverter

 Breeding Program Design:  Graser, James, Van der Werf

Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2005    Materials
 Breeding Objectives: Gibson, Van der Werf, Kinghorn
Scientific Writing:      David Lindsay
ASReml:                     Arthur Gilmour
Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2004    Materials
Bayesian for Beginners:    Kerrie Mengersen
Bayesian Models for QTL analysis: Michel Perez-Enciso
Bioinformatics: John McEwan

Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2003    Materials

Scientific Writing:  David Lindsay
Linear Models for animal breeding:   Julius van der Werf, Mike Goddard
QTL detection models: Julius van der Werf, Ben Hayes



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