Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2003
                        part 2

            Models and Methods for Genetic Analysis

                Julius van der Werf, University of New England
        Mike Goddard, Univ. of Melbourne & Victorian Inst. of Animal Science

         Cover                                                  Notes

        Introduction to Mixed Models                  Notes       Slides
        Julius van der Werf

        Mixed Models for Genetic Analysis          Notes       Slides
        Julius van der Werf

        Genetic Properties of the Animal Model     Notes       Slides
        Julius van der Werf

        Estimation of Genetic Parameters             Notes       Slides
        Julius van der Werf

        Introduction to Bayesian Statistics             Notes       Slides
        Mike Goddard


JW acknowledges contributions of former AGBU students (mainly Michael Bradfield)
who prepared an earlier version of notes on Linear Models. These notes were mainly
based on notes written by Larry Schaeffer and Brian Kennedy from The University of Guelph, Canada.
Furthermore, JW acknowledges Sanghong Lee for summarizing the theory on the AI REML algorithm.

With Thank to sponsorships from the Australian livestock industries:

                                  Australian Wool Innovation

                               Meat and Livestock Australia