GENE 251/ GENE351

Introduction to Breeding and Genetics
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Genes and inheritance

Genetic interaction and linkage

Quantitative traits, components of variation, heritability

The concept of breeding value

Breeding value versus genetic value

Predicting selection response

Genetic relationships and inbreeding

Using information from relatives

Genetic evaluation, BLUP

Genetic markers,  marker assisted selection

Genomic Selection

Genetic covariance and genetic parameters

Genetic correlations, genotype x environment interaction

Multiple trait selection

Crossbreeding and crossbreeding effects

Crossbreeding systems

Animal reproductive technologies

Structure of animal breeding programs

Breeding objectives in the animal industries

Important success factors in animal breeding programs

The genetic basis of plant improvement

Introduction to plant breeding biotechnology

Plant Breeding and Marker Assisted Selection

Cultivar protection and plant breeding rights

BT cotton 

Lecturers:  Cedric Gondro (CG), Julius van der Werf (JW)



Required unit material:

1        GENE 251/351  Unit Notes and Reading Guide (2007)

      Julius van der Werf et al.  (UNE, Armidale)


2        Simm, G. (1998) Genetic Improvement of Cattle and Sheep. Farming Press. Miller Freedman UK Ltd

This book can be ordered through the coop bookshop (student disc price: $78.95) call 02 6773 2289/02 6772 2632,

or email or order (and pay) via the web:


3        GENE251/351  Practical Manual (2007)


4        GENUP Unit software. Available in the AS33 lab.

      Can be freely downloaded from

Reference books

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