Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2019

Venue: University of New England, Armidale, NSW Australia

Course Audience: Postgraduate students and other professionals




Introduction to Graphical Models with Applications to Quantitative Genetics and Genomics 



Dr Guilherme J. M. Rosa        University of Wisconsin-Madison

Dr Francisco Peñagaricano    University of Florida-Gainesville


Dates:     Tuesday 29 January 2019 (9am) – Friday 1 February 2019 (4pm)


Program 2019


Course Materials 2019


Day 1

Correlation and causation

Matrix basics

Probability, random variables

Path Analysis

Estimation, Independence test


R examples Rosa


Day 2

Correlation networks

Correlation networks (lab 1)

Mixed Models

Structural Equation Models


Mixed model examples



Latent variables

SEM (lab 2)

Bayesian Networks

Examples: prediction and causal inference



Bayes Nets (lab 3)

Instrumental variable

GWAS and QTL analysis

GWAS and QTL analysis (lab 4)





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Material of previous years:


Armidale Genetics Summer Course 2018    Materials

·         Mathematical modeling of infection dynamics in genetically diverse livestock populations: Andrea Doeschl-Wilson and Osvaldo Anacleto          


Armidale Genetics Summer Course 2017    Materials

·         Genotype by environment interaction in breeding programs: Piter Bijma and Han Mulder           


Armidale Genetics Summer Course 2016    Materials


Investigating the Genetic Architecture of Complex Traits  & Prediction of Phenotype

from Genome-wide SNPs - Doug Speed and David Balding


Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2015   Materials

                    Primer to genomic analysis using R:    Cedric Gondro

                    From Sequence Data to Genomic Prediction:   Ben Hayes and Hans Daetwyler


Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2014    Materials

Breeding Program Design with Genomic Selection: Jack Dekkers, Julius van der Werf


Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2012    Materials

Statistical Methods for Genome-Enabled Selection: Daniel Gianola, Gustavo de los Campos 


Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2011    Materials

·         Statistical methods and design in plant breeding and genomics: Ian Mackay

·        IBD inference in genome association studies: Elizabeth Thompson


Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2010    Materials

·         Application of evolutionary algorithms to solve complex problems in quantitative genetics

and bioinformatics:   Brian Kinghorn, Cedric Gondro

·         Bayesian methods in genome association studies:  Dorian Garrick,  Rohan Fernando


Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2009    Materials

·        Quantitative Genetic Theory and Analysis- Selection Theory:    Bruce Walsh

·         Quantitative Genetic Models for social interaction and inherited variability: Piter Bijma


Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2008      Materials 

·         Genomic Selection:       Ben Hayes


Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2007      Materials

·         Generalized Linear Mixed Models:        Steve Kachman


Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2006    Materials

·         Gene Expression:          Toni Reverter

·         Breeding Program Design:         Graser, James, Van der Werf

Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2005    Materials
·         Breeding Objectives: Gibson, Van der Werf, Kinghorn
·         Scientific Writing:          David Lindsay
·         ASReml:           Arthur Gilmour
Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2004    Materials
·         Bayesian for Beginners               Kerrie Mengersen
·         Bayesian Models for QTL analysis        Michel Perez-Enciso
·         Bioinformatics   John McEwan

Armidale Animal Breeding Summer Course 2003    Materials

·         Scientific Writing:  David Lindsay
·         Linear Models for animal breeding:   Julius van der Werf, Mike Goddard
·         QTL mapping for practitioners, from linkage to gene: Ben Hayes, Julius van der Werf
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